PlaDyFleet - A fleet of unmanned surface marine vehicles PlaDyPos

PlaDyFleet project relates to USV additions and customization in RAWFIE.

The project proposes:

  • delivery of fleet of 10 USVs (PlaDyPos), capable to perform automated or remote operation in order to extend RAWFIE testing infrastructure;
  • maintenance and support to the RAWFIE consortium to ensure smooth operation and further development of the USV fleet throughout the project lifetime.

PlaDyPos is very suitable USV for RAWFIE needs: one-man portable, easy to transport, deploy/recover; overactuated and omnidirectional thus highly manoeuvrable with 3DOF; good communication capabilities; ROS based architecture convenient for integration into the RAWFIE platform; remote programming, control and data collection (over-the-air). 

More information can be found on PlaDyFleet website: