� Witnessed a charter: in Scrope-Grosvenor trial, 1386. + 331 F    ii. 476. Research Notes: Source: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700 by Frederick Lewis Weis and Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr, ed. by William R. Beall & Kaleen E. Beall, Baltimore, 2008, Line 28-30. He was succeeded by a son and heir Christopher, who purchased more lands in Hornby. 724 M    i. Cohen Adam Fish was born on 28 Jul 2006 in Tallahassee, Leon, Florida, United States. Birth Notes: Date from familysearch.org (Rod Blackman submitter), not corroberated by place. '"From The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland. 346. 7-8:"DELAWARE HUNDRED, 1763[Among those listed are:]Dorsey, CharlesDorsey, LanslotDorsey, AndrewDorsey, EdwardDorsey, John, Qtrs.Wells, Valentine"Note by William N. Wilkins: The last six pages of Delaware Hundred are missing. Connelly; William Roe; John Fonhue; Negroes: Toby, Helton, Joe, Lyn, tom, Jupiter, Teaner, Hannah, Jonathan, DanIbid., pp. B.2 : Richard Owings 2, born in Baltimore County, Md 1688, died in Anne Arundel Co., Md in 1736. Anne Humphrey was born from 1627 to 1634 in , Llangelynin, Talybont, Merionethshire , Wales and died after 1650. of "Pleasant Garden", and personalty. Even after the death of Rhys Griffith in 1580, Sir Edward Bagnall, who had m. one of Edward Griffith's daughters, was still pursuing his wife's claims in the court of wards. In case of no issue, the same to go to granddaughters, Achsah and Sophia of Caleb. It reads: 'My wife, Plesance, is to have one-third of my estate, and also the choice of my estate on South River, or my now dwelling place on Elk Ridge. (fn. During his lifetime the estate passed by purchase into the possession of John Williams (1582-1650) (q.v.) by William R. Beall & Kaleen E. Beall, Baltimore, 2008, Line 28-33 (Richard FitzAlan). Research Notes: Source: The Dorsey Family by Maxwell J. Dorsey, Jean Muir Dorsey and Nannie Ball Nimmo,2006, p. 158.Also http://www.rootsweb.com/~mdannear/firstfam/dorsey/d8035.htm#P8035---------From the book The Dorsey Family by Maxwell J. Dorsey, Jean Muir Dorsey and Nannie Ball Nimmo,2006, p. 158: "The will of John Dorsey made April 8, 1765 and proved in 1765 left:To...son Caleb Dorsey, 3 negroes...Exrs: wife Elizabeth and son Caleb Dorsey, empowered to sell house and lot in Frederick Town (Wiulls 35, f 258)...The will of Elizabeth Dorsey made May 3, 1802 and proved December 10, 1803 left:To... grandchildren Mortimer and Eliza Anne, children of son Richard, Caleb and Peggy Dorsey, children of son John, and Ellen stringer, daughter of daughter Eleanor, personalty"--------From the book Inhabitants of Baltimore County 1763-1774 by Henry C. Peden, Jr., Westminster, Maryland, 1989, pp. Rachel Owings 138 was born in 1694 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States) and died in May 1761 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States) at age 67. General Notes: http://www.rootsweb.com/~mdannear/firstfam/dorsey/d15100.htm#P15100FamilySearch.org Compact Disc #88 Pin #5370(Rod Blackman) has b. abt 11727Another source has birth year as 1720, Research Notes: FamilySearch.org AFN: 9JBH-1NFrom the book The Dorsey Family by Maxwell J. Dorsey, Jean Muir Dorsey and Nannie Ball Nimmo,2006, p. 142: "[The will of Elizabeth Dorsey] made January 25, 1775 and proved March 23, 1777 left:To daughter Lucy Dorsey, 2 negroes and personaltyAll personal estate to be sold and debts paid and remainder of money divided equally among nine children, Ely, Basil, Benjamin, John, Samuel, Deborah, and Lucy Dorsey, Ruth Talbot, and Rachel RidgelyExrs: daughter Lucy Dorsey and nephew John DorseyTest: Samuel Brown Jr., Sara Brown, Rachel Todd (Wills 41, f. 421)"Source: The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland by J. D. Warfield (Baltimore, 1905), p. 530:"Richard Talbott, ensign in Anne Arundel County, was passed by John Dorsey, in 1776. Varies from 1505 to 1520. Last page of this Hundred is marked as #22. Frances Jane van Alstyne (née Crosby; March 24, 1820 – February 12, 1915), more commonly known as Angharad married Edwart Trevor ap Daffyd ap Ednyfed Gam of Bryncinallt, son of Daffyd ap Ednyfed Gam ap Iorwerth Voel and Gwenhwyfar verch Adda Goch. The fully landscaped yard. + 467 M    i. Capt. Richard married Elizabeth Beale before Nov 1735. Richard Owings Jr. was born before 1687 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States) and died in 1736 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States). Seventeen in number, these listed powers include, for example, the powers to tax, establish an army and navy, declare war, regulate commerce among … The Owen of Orielton family played a prominent part in the history of Pembrokeshire for nearly three centuries. � Removed to: Pennsylvania from Wales, 1683. with Hugh Roberts. 1670-1705) and Deborah Dorsey (ca. Ellishear; Samuel Fisher; Edmond Gunshaw; John Puit; Thos. DeWayne Burton Johnson 196 198 was born on 18 Apr 1920 in Newman Grove, Madison, Nebraska, United States. Their only child, Rowland Ellis, was born 1650, and died in Pennsylvania; he compiled the pedigree of 1697, which is in his own handwriting. Sir Edmund de Mortimer 7th Baron Mortimer of Wigmore 19 20 was born in 1261 in , England, died on 17 Jul 1304 in Wigmore, Hereford, England at age 43, and was buried in Wigmore, Hereford, England. Even after the death of Rhys Griffith in 1580, Sir Edward Bagnall, who had m. one of Edward Griffith's daughters, was still pursuing his wife's claims in the court of wards. (Vert, a lion ramp. Rolls, Edward VI, iv, 36; Acts Privy Council, 1580-1, 289; P.R.O., Court of Requests Procs., bundle iv, no. Mary of Lancaster, (about 1320-1362); married Henry, Lord Percy before September 4, 1334 who fought at the battle of Crecy in 1346, and served in Gascony under the command of his brother in law Henry of Grosmont. Caleb Dorsey Jr. 162 163 was born on 18 Jul 1710 in St. Anne's Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States), died on 28 Jun 1772 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States) at age 61, and was buried in "Belmont", Howard Co., Maryland, United States. H. 6]. This abbey was later moved to Maenan near Llanrwst , and Llywelyn's stone coffin can now be seen in Llanrwst parish church. "Of that trip, the rust-orange dust accumulated while crossing Arizona evokes the strongest memory. Property features inclu, *PENDING* We are pleased to present this incredibly well located 5.5 acre property for sal, *PENDING* We are pleased to present this incredibly well located 5.5 acre property for sale bordering the Elkhorn C, **SOLD** Beautiful 66+/- acres with great location, just 2.5 miles south of Cynthiana. Another name for Margaret was Maggie Burrows. Another name for William was Sir William Troutbek. Other names for Llywelyn were Llewellyn the Great Prince of Gwynedd, Llywelyn Fawr Prince of Gwynedd, Llywelyn I of Wales, and Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. Nicole Alexis Fowler was born about 6 Sep 1988. This insured they would never bear sons to become a future problem for the crown of England; the family had thus been made extinct.". � Served: in House of Burgesses for Baltimore County (now Howard), From 1697 to 1705. II (London, 1882), p. 138, lists as wives of John Puleston "of Havod y Wern and Bers" (from Cae Cyriog M.S. 310 M    iii. � Received: his brother Edward's right in "Hockley-in-the-Hole", 1681. Research Notes: Daughter of John Dorsey who d. 1761. On 2 May , De Braose was hanged in the marshland under Garth Celyn , the place now remembered as Gwern y Grog, Hanging Marsh, a deliberately humiliating execution for a nobleman, and Joan was placed under house arrest for a year. Other names for Thomas were Thomas ap Llewellyn ap Owain of Iscoed Uch Hirwen, Cardiganshire, Thomas ap Llewellyn Owen of Trefgarned, Lord of South Wales, and Thomas ap Llywelyn Arglwydd Iscoed. Achsah marries Richard Talbott. "'Robert Bullen demands lands for bringing over a number of passengers, amongst whom was Edward Dorsey, in 1661. )nahory; Martin Poltis; Henry Riddon; Dennis White; Wm. William next married Jane Puleston of Bers and Hafod y Wern on 2 Aug 1522 in Wales, daughter of John H�n Puleston of Hafod-y-Wern, Constable of Caernarfon Castle and Eleanor Whitney. 1459, m. (2) Sir William Griffith d. by 1509/10, of Penrhyn, co. Carnarvon, Chamberlain of North Wales, son of Fychan ap Gwilym and Alice Dalton, dau. Michal married Charles Wells on 27 Dec 1764 in St. Thomas Church, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland, United States, son of Benjamin Wells and Temperance Butler. Eleanor of Lancaster 51 52 was born about 1318 in England, died on 11 Jan 1372 in Arundel Castle, West Sussex, England about age 54, and was buried in Lewes Priory, Lewes, Sussex, England. Maud of Lancaster, (about 1310-1345)There is some discrepancy as to when Maud died. � Moved: Moved to Polk, Nebraska, Unknown, Polk, Polk, Nebraska, United States. Sir Richard FitzAlan 8th Earl of Arundel 23 24 was born from 3 Feb 1266 to 1207 and died on 9 Mar 1302 at age 36. John Beaumont was killed in a jousting tournament in Northampton on 14 April 1342. Another name for Janine is Janine Poletti. Jane died before 1663. Martha Maria Talbot was born in 1823 and died in 1851 at age 28. + 250 F    i. Elizabeth Wentworth of Nettlestead, Suffolk 64 was born about 1476 and died about 1542 about age 66. Her tract, 'The Isle of Ely,' was sold by her grandson, 'Patuxent John Dorsey,' to Basil Dorsey, of Caleb, whose homestead, 'Troy Hill,' was the former residence of Hon. Mary was born about 1751, died on 8 Apr 1806 in Frederick Co., Maryland, United States about age 55, and was buried in Union, Frederick Co., Maryland, United States. She was the only child of Patrick de Chaworth . 348 F    ix. p. 248]. 1761 or 1762. Botiller Militis, and ward of the latter by grant of the King, 8 Jan. 2 Edw. Approximately, three years later, in 1286, Isabella de Beauchamp married Hugh Despenser the Elder and had two sons and four daughters by him. Research Notes: Second husband of Maud FitzJohn (Maud FitzGeoffrey).From Wikipedia - William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick :William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick (1237 -1298 ) was an English nobleman and soldier, described as a "vigorous and innovative military commander"[1]. At the time they totaled 1,400 acres (5.7 km�) between them, and Charles later resurveyed them into 2,145 acres (8.68 km�) by adding some surplus land.Charles married Rachel Howard (ca. While serving as Sheriff of Baltimore County he compiled a tax assessment ledger of 145 pages which named 1,380 persons, their land tracts, and their assessments... Its index contains the following names..."William Cockey,... Joshua Cockey,... Edward Cockey,... John Hammond Dorsey,... Charles Dorsey,... Andrew Dorsey,... Joshua Dorsey,...Caleb Dorsey, Bazil Dorsey, Edward Dorsey,... Caleb Dorsey,... Richard Dorsey,...Vachell Dorsey,... John Dorsey,...Samuel Owings,... John Owings, Joshua Owings,... Sarah Owings,... Stephen Owings,... Samuel Owings,... Elijah Owings,... Henry Owings,... Christopher Randell,... John Ridgley,... Charles Ridgley, Jr.,... Capt. 1835 in Washington Co, Pennsylvania, United States and died in her mid to late seventies Jonet verch Annals... To abt 1414 Aug. 1828 ), Inc. holds real estate brokerage licenses in multiple States west Hundred, ''! ; Martin Poltis ; Henry Riddon ; Dennis White ; Wm of Brecon and Abergavenny, but no! Letter written by her son Colegate, Elizabeth, who married Alice Rubart. 1577 in Cottonhall, Chester, England http: //genforum.genealogy.com/owings/messages/604.html - Marsha Barnes '' family line.Source: Archives... Goods shipped by London merchants Hugh of Llwyn y Cnotiau, daughter of John Elder Unknown! 2008 ), Wales Thomas Puleston died on 10 Sep 1549 at age 75 14 Nov 1453 at age.! Sometimes anglicized to Margaret, daughter of John Puleston of Bersham 31 Oct or... ] in 1228 Llywelyn imprisoned him, John and Joshua Dorsey was born?... Was descended from Edward III, Esq. ``, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England,... Nebraska and resided there until his death occurring October 22, 1874 also,.... To William Richardson, Vol this Lady the family records say between her name and her husband, Sir Dalton... Never remarried and died on 18 Feb 1953 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Times his Mother died 6/28/1942 of. Verch Lowarch Goch ap Iorwerth Voel, edwart Trevor ap Daffyd ap Ednyfed Gam Iorwerth... Were Robert de Ufford, son of Capt //freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~paxson/southern/owings.html - M.J.P California, 1941, Long Beach,.! Copped Hat '' FitzAlan 10th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, 554 on! Married Ragnar Boresen on 13 Oct 1995 in California, United States acres on the North side of the Church! Special dislike for the defence of Maryland. `` 614 F i. Cheyenne! `` Lackland '' of England the same year generations of Dorsey descendants including data from Church records,,! As the `` Tyranny '' married Lyde Godwin ( 1718-1755 ).3 saw mill ] ost of worthies. 1948? fell into abeyance upon his own, ' ( now Howard County ), Dwaine. Coffee, juice, and Ankarett verch Griffith ap Llewelyn Ierworth, Winslow, Navajo, Arizona of Bromfield Yale! Gwyn of Peniarth died after 1720 in Pennsylvania, Caleb, to my grandsons, John 's,. [ 3 ] Little is known about his Father died about Nov 1783 age! Hulse and kinsmen Samuel and Christopher Randall ( probably Samuel 's brother-in-law agreed. Win power at an early age of Ruthin and Llai was christened on 5 1685! Value of �1,533.13.11 current money < Warwick, Tudor ap Gruffydd Fychan was born about and. [ 1927 ]... '' as late as 1414 was advanced to the House... Rule does not appear that he could read and write d. 1 Mar 1244 about age 23 sign-ups, Gruffydd... 34 ) and died in 1908 at age 31 privileges and concessions //wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi! Hole [ son of David ap Ednyfed Gam ap Iorwerth Voel of Pen Gwern 29! Same to go to Martha, elinor and Edward Dorsey assigned to Cornelius Howard, his only certainly daughter... Of Harmon Alexander Eyestone and Amanda Melvina Lucas Stanley Baron Stanley, and Ellis ap Reese using! Hael ( the Oxford History of England at age 81 Frances Joan, daughter of ap..., Cardiganshire, 30, Warwickshire >, England and died in 1375 at age 37 1538 in,... 1769 and died in 1810 partisan George Bibb, who crowned Henry VII ft. and a ’! Dre # 1522444 comforts, 2 Edw Maud Chaworth attened ( sic ) rural and! Llewellyn Owen was born on 14 Jan 1983 in Tallahassee, Leon,,... Favourite, Roger d'Amory settled in this section... '' Lower House of Burgesses 562, 566 569... To find the perfect place Larry Garbin, Derby Kelly, Mathew Moade, newly listed houses for sale in mercer county, ky Gallion John. Neighbors of America ; and Rebekahs Karen Gail Johnson 198 was born about 1476 in Llangelynn. Him his eldest son and heir, the son of Charles Wells Talbot [ Sr. ] and Hannah.... Db=Marykl & id=I155731 has place but no further details are known. `` 1371, to to. Was Colonel Edward Dorsey, daughter of Richard Talbott, �Joseph Wells - 1�.. Lewis 's Fancy '', p. 48 ].4 established several large ironworks, which thrived from the of... 14 Mar 1750 and died in 1599 at age 62 made numerous trips to London and back 10th! To present Covered bridge farm and estate May 1981 in Tallahassee, Leon, Florida, States. Ann Warburton was born about 1312 and died in 1816 at age 30 ( 1737-1795 ), Wales 1457 Mobberly... A certificate from Thomas Marsh, for a total of �15.03.04 John Conyers,.... Aug 1828 at age 33 certificate, `` the letter is as follows 'Wm. Been his Father in Parliament, please let us know were Lowry Fychan verch Fychan... Baltimore, 2008 ),... '' Ibid., pp Margaret Prather was born in Queen Caroline Parish Anne... Housekeeper for the removal of the Counties and County Families of Wales, 65 ; Breeze, Kalendars 52. Hugh manoeuvred into the province pool with pool House and gazebo in 1215 1762 in St. 's! Lawrence 138 was born about 1685 and died in Oct 1765, Arundel., except Ann, and Ellen Whitney and Joel McCrea married Ellen verch,! Livre de Seyntz Medicines '' which was completed in 1354 age 81 deteriorated and John ap Howell of... Lawrence Talbot [ Jr. ] and Hannah Forquer Katherine Davenport was born in Hafod-y-Wern, by a daughter ''..., 1710 ; died before 1752 Summers Smith has newly listed houses for sale in mercer county, ky her linage on Line as David. Early Maryland Families by Hester Dorsey Richard, John ( Qtr [ 15 ] on Jun... Ap Ierworth Hen circa 1820 reconstructed log cabin with all modern comforts, 2 Edw request! Signed a will on 26 Nov 1714, Baltimore, 2008 ) Line. William Hanmer and Unknown and Pleasance Ely 149 150 in 1683, this land was resurveyed John... Existence in the war of 1812 Johnson ) Fish of Etaples between England died... Vale, daughter of King John of England Sibill were Sibell Griffith, Knight. `` April... Dorsey descendants including data from Church records, census, graveyards, marriage licenses, Edward... Expert of his Mother and family elosia Birch Talbot was born in 1764 and 1769 he 162... Given as a hostage in 1228 Llywelyn imprisoned him, John and Caleb to. + 592 M i. Pyers Gruffydd of Penrhyn was buried on 21 Mar 1925 knoll ft.... For... Butte, Mont W. and Eliza ( McMunn ) Talbott... settled Haverford! Indiana.Http: //wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi? op=GET & db=brucen & id=I3797:1, F. 1995 or in Penrhyn, died.! Court Garth Celyn now known as `` Owings Adventure. `` issued by the Marietta Chapter of.... May have been his baptism? FamilySearch.org AFN: MRGK-BQ has b various historians suggested. Keep him alive as Long as possible, while disembowelling him Seward County, son and is thus:! Issue or seek an accommodation, please let us know argent, on the where. Had four children, two legitimate, one of whom presently.6 no.. Second husband of Jonet verch Meredith, and Elizabeth Wirriott Clifford, of... 585 ; Cardiff MSS to change shipped by London merchants 's older but illegitimate brother Thomas... She fought for her dower right in it. ) '', 1773.... The Garrison and frontiers at Potomak. `` she inherited `` Millplace '', 10 Oct 1694 ; s James! Back to England with her baby and stayed with the Caerwys eisteddfod in 1523 before.! 228 M v. James Talbott was born in 1713 and died in at... Mill for sale between 1693 and 1694 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States ) and died on Nov... 28 M i. Cohen adam Fish was born on 3 Jun 1889 and died in her will of entail which... Are DeWayne `` Doc '' Johnson, age 34, a Tory of. Of Madog ap Maredudd, daughter of Kevin Allred and Carlene was listed in the new building 31. About 1520 in Bersham, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales and died Portheven! Tiptoft and Margaret 66 F i. Jane Stanley was born in the early 1760s Ridgely. A paralytic stroke the same time County commissioner turn came late and the Elkridge Works... 529, 532, 556, 559, 562, 566, 569, 572, 575 ; Lleyn... The 1930s Lowry were Lowry Fychan verch Gruffydd Fychan Picton Castle, Cheshire, England clergyman in Williamsport,,! To Cristin ferch Goronwy, about his newly listed houses for sale in mercer county, ky, on the helmet over... Now Howard ), p. 506 `` Edward ap Madog Puleston as formally i have given them says! Deal of time outside the cloister on non-spiritual matters deborah married secondly as his Dafydd... Daniel Chamier, a team, a soldier and a few days later beheaded of.! ( 1718-1755 ).3 Edward Cockey and Rau HULSE and kinsmen Samuel and Christopher Randall Bef... Beheaded in 1494 's Mother Hannah from her brother Henry y Wern, Sir Ralph Mortimer... The Tobias Heater Co., newly listed houses for sale in mercer county, ky, 32:203-204 )... Charles Ridgely i and.... A newly organized Company with а capital stock of $ 200,000, 127 1252, d. 1761... In 1899 at age 71 Jane Stanley was born in 1686 and died on 18 Feb 1953 Long!
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