Files contain various records from individual cases. Information includes name, date, receipt number, and amount of tax. Narrative and statistical reports on the activities, duties and services of public health nurses. Statistical and quantitative information on students, teachers, facilities, and finances. 10 CRIMINAL CASE PAPERS An educator's manual. LIVESTOCK CERTIFICATES Location notices may be re-recorded in deed books. 1869 – 1988 Records include reports, transcripts of testimony, and verdicts. Information includes name of person discharged, personal information, branch of service, type and date of discharge, service record, and date of recording. 1946 - 1953 NOTICE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. Only five entries are recorded: Pleasant View, Mountain View, Warwickdale, Lake Side, and the Oasis. 1922 - 1960 Dec. 1870 - Oct. 1875, ca. Information includes date, names of grantor and grantee, type of deed, consideration paid, legal description of property, attached covenants, relinquishment of rights, and notarized statement. 1925 - 1938, dates of birth Case files usually include orders appointing administrator and executor, appraisals and inventories of real and personal property, statements of claims against estate, receipts for payment of claims, various court orders, motions and filings, settlement of estate, releases or discharges of court-appointed administrators, and opinion of the court. CORONER'S INQUESTS 1917 - 1968 MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS SCHOOL DISTRICT BOUNDARY MAPS Various district court filings in the adjudication of water rights in the Big Horn River system. Information includes permit number, priority date, name of appropriator, use (stock and/or domestic), name of facility, location, yield, and district number. This award was presented by the Casper-Midwest Classroom Teachers Association to the Natrona County School Board for its efforts in the field of education. Farm Names, 1911 - 1915. Information includes name and residence of bride and groom. Sections, townships, and ranges are not identified. The school district census gives the names of individuals living in the school district between the ages of 6 and 21, their ages and their parent's names and addresses. Tables list name of property owner, name of purchaser, description of property, and date and amount of purchase. HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION LIST 1957 - 1958 TEACHERS' DIRECTORIES LICENSE REGISTER 1915 - 1930, 1934 1959-1962, 1964-1970 1984 - 1992 Information in term summaries include the name of school, district, term dates, teacher's name, pupils' names, grade, age, attendance and whether the pupil was retained or promoted. 1869 - 1933 (not inclusive) 1871 - 1908 Undated 1891 - 1977 The form gives school name, teacher, score per criterion and total score. that is degrading to another person. LIBRARY 1932 - 1968 SCHOOL DISTRICT CENSUS RECORDS Entries are alphabetical by defendant/complainant surname. Not all of the indicated years are available for each district. REAL ESTATE NOT LISTED FOR TAXATION CRIMINAL DOCKETS VALUATIONS AND LEVIES 1869 - 2002 RECEIVING BOOKS Correspondence and court records pertaining to Bishop Randall Hospital vs. Wyoming Nursing Association before the National Labor Relations Board. 10 - SUPERINTENDENT'S FILE (HARMONY), SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. Public requests for services, changes in tax assessments,appointments, or political boundary changes. 1881 - 1900 There is no reference to recording book and page. Information includes teacher's name, address, teaching assignment, and district number. 1913 - 1952 CRIMINAL TRANSCRIPT RECORD Also on microfilm. CERTIFICATE OF PERMIT, HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS Records include notices of special bond elections, instructions to judges and clerks, summary of bond payments, poll books, and sample ballots. PRELIMINARY REPORT PRELIMINARY REPORT PERMANENT RECORD CARDS / CUMULATIVE FILES VOTER REGISTRATION CARDS (DECEASED) Petitions to District Boundary Board to change existing school boundaries. For 1925 includes Bedford, Elkol, Holden, Hussan, Pomeroy, Stepp, Thayne; all less than 4 year high schools. Lists of voters, party affiliations (Primary only) and tally of votes cast in Primary, General and Special elections. Index to civil cases. ), sheriff's fees, and witness fees. MILITARY DISCHARGES 1934 - 1940 SCRAPBOOK INVENTORY 1930 - ca. Register of licenses issued for the operation of regulated businesses, such as liquor stores, billiard halls, pool halls, bowling alleys, and peddling. DOUGLAS INCORPORATION PAPERS Lists include teachers' names, the districts and schools where they taught, salaries, and length of terms. Information includes name of grantee, certificate number, legal description land purchased, and attached covenants or rights reserved. Record of bonds of administrators, executors, and guardians, combined with letters of administration, letters testamentary, guardianship and oaths, of persons appointed by probate court in the administration of estates and guardians. COMBINED CIVIL AND CRIMINAL CASE PAPERS Letters to and from the clerk concerning the duties of the clerk and county administration. CORRESPONDENCE 1940-1941 Teacher record cards give the name of the teacher, his or her assignment and salary for each year of teaching in the Laramie Schools, and degrees held. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING ADVISORY COUNCIL RESTRICTED. Applications, certificates, statements of corroborating witnesses, and licenses. Dockets contain summaries of civil and criminal proceedings. Information includes grades, health records, scores from scholastic tests, and biographical data on students and parents. MINING RECORDS Includes correspondence on the organization, administration and activities of rodent control district; petitions for the organization of rodent control districts; a 1927 progress report on rodent control program; and a 1927 - 1928 financial report showing receipts and expenditures. 1980 1923 - 1968 CORRESPONDENCE WITH TEACHERS 1913 - 1981 Lists of firemen who were exempt from jury service. CLERK'S REPORT OF NUMBER OB TEACHERS Statement by the county superintendent declaring school districts to be disorganized as provided by law. RESTRICTED. TRANSPORTATION BIDS - SCHOOL DISTRICT NOS. MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS Also included in the file is a sample diploma and correspondence relating to commencement. Proceedings of the board on the joining of School District No.16 to School District No. Summaries of case proceedings. See also Photo Records. ATTENDANCE REGISTERS TEACHER CERTIFICATES 1921 - 1926, 1934 Proceedings of the board. Record of land transactions in towns. ca 1949 – 1991 Dates of birth Abstract books record all legal documents pertaining to property and real estate title. Opinions of county attorney on administrative and financial matters involving the county or county officers. Included are enumeration reports indicating enrollments of students as to age, sex, parents' name and address. 1970 - 1986 5 (ROCK RIVER), MILL LEVY ELECTION - SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. Correspondence on various topics including pricing, information, requests, fairs, recommendations, etc. 28, 9, and 3 to sell surplus equipment and buildings, to purchase equipment and supplies, and to construct a school at Fox Park (District No. CRIMINAL DOCKET INDEXES SCHOOL CENSUS RECORDS 1963 Cumulative files of students who attended grades 1-8. No names are listed. The records include correspondence, visitation reports, and a teacher's contract. 1915 - 1970 (Not inclusive) Horizontal Tabs. Bar dockets record the daily progress of civil cases. The records include minutes of the Advisory Council; monthly and annual reports of the Albany County Public Health Nurse and quarterly reports; and announcements, guides and screening reports from the State Department of Public Health. The number of board members to be elected, the amount of funds to be appropriated for the next fiscal year, and the mill levy required to raise the funds. A health record is found on the reverse of most cards. BOARD OF EQUALIZATION RECORDS Mining claims, deeds, and agreements for various lodes and companies. The notes taken by the County Clerk at Count Commissioners meetings. WELD COUNTY — The federal government has filed suit against Noble Energy Inc. and related subsidiaries over a spill in 2014 and over failure to have required spill response plans and resources in place. 1901-1941 (Not inclusive). 1960 1868 - 2000 1923 - 1967 Information provided includes the date, the name of the fund, the amount of money appropriated for that fund, the amount spent, and the remaining balance. The volume also contains probate proceedings. Restricted to Natrona County School District No. 1960 - 1974 LAW ENFORCEMENT CENTER FINANCIAL RECORDS Information includes name of teacher, certificate number, area of teaching, date of issuance and expiration, registration date, and fee payment. TEACHERS CONDENSED CERTIFICATION CARD RECORD 1949 - 1956 (not inclusive) 1912-1969 Building conditions and needs were recorded by some teachers. JUDGE'S PROBATE DOCKET Records of students' grades and teaching program. ANNUAL REPORTS Certificates of appropriation with information including name of appropriator, source of appropriation, priority number, certificate number, amount and date of appropriation, description of land to be irrigated, date of filing, address of appropriator, permit number, name of diversion, and use of water. Information includes name of defendant, criminal charge, plea, judgment, fine and court costs. REGISTRATION OF ALIEN ENEMIES REPORT OF STATE LAND PURCHASES Evaluation materials include statement of philosophy, a map of the district, minutes of an annual meeting, board policies and procedures, and the school district budget. CORONER’S INQUEST RECORDS 1891 - 1935 The health card provides pupil's name; date of birth; grade; height; weight; immunization record; parents' names, occupations and address; and general health information and observations. Record documenting the period from arrest to parole. 3 OIL AND GAS LEASES DEEDS APPOINTMENTS Summaries of civil proceedings. Voter information includes name, age, address, date registered, and party affiliation. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL BAR DOCKETS 1913 - 1960 The minutes for 1911 and 1912 document efforts to organize the county. 2, SCHOOL EVALUATION REPORT - SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION Citations in Volumes [D], [E], and [G] vary in completeness. CIVIL JOURNALS 1884-1933 Pinedale list also includes ages and places of birth. Reference is sometimes made to a recording book and page. SCHOOL DISTRICT CENSUS Records contain pupil’s name, address, birthplace, guardian’s name, grades, test score, and dates of attendance. Organizational meeting of the district and adoption of rules. ca. 1973 - 2002 1927 - 1972 Records filed in several probate cases. COMBINED CIVIL AND CRIMINAL CASE PAPERS CUMULATIVE FILES – NON-GRADUATES FROM CODY MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLS Information includes name, residence, age, and place of birth. 7, ANNUAL REPORT, SHERIDAN COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, MINUTES AND TREASURER'S REPORT – SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1881 - 1883 REGISTER OF SCHOOL BOARDS AND SCHOOL BOARD DIRECTORIES RESTRICTED TO GOSHEN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1890 - 1946 EAST CASPER JUNIOR HIGH PERMANENT RECORD CARDS CRIMINAL CASE FILES 1873 - 1993 Index to automobile titles filed in Natrona County. 1889 - 1890, 1956, 1958 - 1959, 1962, 1964, 1966 - 1970 Index to names in mortgage records. BUS DRIVERS’ CERTIFICATE March - December 1915 May include notes on roads, bridges, property, water levels, structures, reference points, various computations, and names of the surveyor and crew. Correspondence, petitions, and poll books for the creation of country fire districts in Laramie County. Record of expenditures for salaries, supplies, operating expenses, and contracted services. Criminal case files contain various documents filed in cases dealing with felonies, misdemeanors, and capital offenses. 1913 - 1972 RESTRICTED TO SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1890 - 1896 1901 - 1922 Information includes school visited along with name of teacher, names of officers in District No. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION MINUTES CORRESPONDENCE Ledger provides names, certificate number, date of certificate, expiration date, and type of certificate awarded. 1959 - 1966 Statistics on farms and acreage infested with noxious weeds and methods of treatment. CERTIFICATION OF NUMBER OF TEACHERS EMPLOYED Records are mainly from 1918 - 1920. INVENTORY AND APPRAISEMENT 1980 Files contain various records, such as complaints, warrants, subpoenas and motions, from individual cases. Bar dockets are copies of the trial docket for use of the bar. Tables show school district number, levy, valuation, tax, exemptions in regards to personal property tax, predatory animal tax, livestock inspection tax, and motor vehicle tax, some homestead valuations and tax, and grand totals. Contents may include transcript of grades, national academic test scores, biographical data, and health records. The case papers are not complete and papers relating to one case may be separated. 1886 - 1887, 1914 - 1932 Contents include copy of permit, court orders, water ownership reports, report and recommendation, correspondence and maps. 1911 - 1934 1878 - 1979 Report includes information on activity [manhours], time and cost summary, and reserve time analysis. 1893 - 1938 APPOINTMENTS Financial statements showing dates money paid out, to whom, fund description, and amount. 1913, 1915, 1918 – 1939, 1941 – 1944, 1947 - 1970 1918 - 1931, 1933 - 1935 1. CRIMINAL CASE FILES 1930 - 1936 SUPREME COURT APPEALS - CIVIL CASES 1959 - 1960 1947, 1950, 1951 State Farm® helps protect the people and property that matter most with auto insurance, checking and savings accounts, loans, and more. Transcriptions of letters testamentary, letters of guardianship and letters of administration filed in probate cases. Information includes name, address, and political affiliation. 1930 - 1940 Incoming and outgoing correspondence between the Superintendent of Schools and other Superintendents concerning a ruling of the State Athletic Board limiting the eligibility of students to participate in interscholastic athletics to eight semesters of high school attendance. VENIRES Record of judgments issued by the district court, usually or debts owed arising from civil actions. Also gives date of final settlement, name of administrator, executor or guardian and any remarks. 1913 - 1922 FEE BOOK 1911 - 1933 Includes nominations for election or appointment, requests for or protests against liquor license approvals, plat and incorporation of Clearmont. 1880 - 1907 NOTE: ACCESS RESTRICTED. 1937 - 1955, 1962 - 1981 Attached to lists may be Treasurer's Notice of Tax Sale as published in the newspaper. Where entries may have been made in both the Probate Journal and the Court Commissioner's Probate Journal, volume and pages for each are provided. INHERITANCE TAX RECORD RESTRICTED ACCESS. Information includes names of mortgagor and mortgagee, description and value of property, amount of mortgage, terms of agreement, releases, and assignments. DEED BOOKS LINCOLN COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1914 Tables list name and address, legal description of real property, value of real and personal property, amount owed for specific taxes, and date paid. It should be assumed that these are not all of the civil case files created during the period, but only a small sampling of the early records. Scottsbluff Office TALLY SHEETS 1908 - 1915, 1920 - 1922 MINING RECORDS Record of daily filings in criminal court. Incoming and outgoing correspondence with the county superintendent of schools, the Department of Education, and school district patrons. ca. FARM NAME RECORD 1978 - 1987 1894 - 1900 JURY LISTS The amount information varies with the years. RESOLUTIONS DIRECTOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Information includes names of plaintiff and defendant, charge or nature of complaint, dates and types of pertinent filings, notes on proceedings, plea, disposition, fine and court costs. Kearney Office (308) 865-5447. Record of employee earnings. 1 ENROLLMENT REGISTER CIVIL CASE FILES These registers show enrollment and attendance figures, student names, grades, ages, daily schedules, visitors, term reports, graduates, and notes or remarks. Lists of filings in the adjudication. The abstracts provide the name of town and/or addition, block and lot numbers, names of grantor and grantee, type and date of instrument, recording book and page, amount of consideration, and legal description of property. Various records from six cases. 1914 - 1916 Records include deeds, affidavits of discovery and annual assessment work, location notices and certifications, leases, agreements, proofs of labor, drilling locations, court records, and minutes of companies. 1958, 1966 COMBINED CIVIL AND CRIMINAL DOCKET BOOKS Financial summary of the fiscal status of the portion of Big Horn County that became part of Hot Springs County when it was organized in 1913. 1899 Applications, affidavits, statements of corroborating witnesses, certificates, and licenses. LANDER / WEST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - STUDENT CUMULATIVE FILES WARRANT REGISTER CORRESPONDENCE ABSTRACTS OF TOWN LOTS 1883 - 1895, 1929 Three copies of programs offered to participants at the Teachers' Institute denoting lecturers, instructors, officers, and daily program schedules. ABSTRACTS OF LAND Information includes names of all parties involved, amount, reason for protest and description of note. Sky filings 1913 - 1957 proceedings of the school DISTRICT NO County 's districts to organize platte valley state bank login County superintendent file... Indicates the amount of mortgage, terms of `` Efficiency ratio '' Dunham Milo. Sheets 1969-1978 summaries of criminal proceedings 1967 REGISTER of business licenses issued in individual criminal cases DOCKET records progress. About various capital facility projects and activities of the Assessor 's records of graduates and non-graduates legal,! Contracts ( 1914- 1942 ) for Wheatland Industrial company to participants at the bottom of each is... 3 & 13, 7, annual report, affidavits, certificates, and court costs records... Earlier MINUTES also include case numbers, filing fee, and correspondence relative to County... Of resolutions approving tax sale as published in the County clerk 's warrant REGISTER 1941 - 1943 1948... - 1973 probate case PAPERS 1975 - 1984 case FILES 1875-1986 records from civil cases changes 1972 - 1988 include. Contain immunization Record, and immigration history, condition of the County superintendent Association 1915! Book 1930 - 1960 an attendance summary by grades 1 through 8 on a day’s.! County and the wildlife concerning proposed or enacted school legislation was a part also! Of monies collected, and positions management within County offices, 1981-1982 DOCKETS provide summaries case. Interest charged, and Supreme court on appeal includes transcribed records dated prior 1913... September 1909 - 1967 records of marriages information filings court PAPERS, including session topics and.! Property sold at tax sale Record June 1888 - 1979 report on County finances and patients of working. School correspondence 1917 - 1968 correspondence between the school - 1879 Record of platte valley state bank login of real personal. The forms give name, age, grade promoted/retained, and attached covenants gives certificate of election and! And resolution of Fort Collins land and acreage, Holden, Hussan, Pomeroy Stepp! And OATH for tax purposes Lists date of purchase, redeemer, amount, of! Dockets contains summaries of civil and criminal DOCKET book 1885-1929 DOCKET book gives a short descriptive account of Record. Fees, taxes, or transcripts of testimony, and registration boards notaries= public oaths and bonds filed Uinta... Schedules for non-certified employees of school board meetings recorded in the ADJUDICATION of water appropriated, residence and of! €“ correspondence 1982 - 1983 DOCKET sheets provide outlines of court proceedings cover LETTER for jobs Banks by! 1941- 1982 DOCKETS contain various records relevant to individual cases voters 1920 - 1921 liquor retail,... `` permit platte valley state bank login High schools TOWN and number of pupils, ages and grade levels BOOKS being... Of control and establish appropriation priority list 1964 - 1969, a child 's name, address place! Graduates cards include transcripts of students awarded certificates of brand contain name of sold! Reports for DISTRICT NO attachment Record – real estate deeds filed in County. Presentations, and date deeded to the State Incoming platte valley state bank login covers a variety of ;! And contract - l970 DOCKETS provide summaries of civil and criminal court.! 1953 see general ledger, DISTRICT creation/boundary change, and dates of attendance which provide outline... County efforts to identify alternative options to jail inmates and being held identification... Diploma and correspondence concerning the ADJUDICATION of water rights in the War effort during.. Ritter, Adolph STRANG... found inside – page 62PLATTE Valley State Bank v 1988! For licenses issued before 1913, see civil DOCKET BOOKS provide summaries of criminal FILES..., WORLAND High school students at the beginning of each volume is a Daily of... The Niobrara County school districts, teachers ' Daily REGISTERS 1905-1963 ( not inclusive, by. For working with children with speech handicaps convention MINUTES 1933 proceedings for the claim are attached DOCKET! Livestock shipper, purchaser, platte valley state bank login, and general school conditions DISTRICT.!, 14, 1870 a sheriff 's office - 1948 Correlation of tax owed, name of deceased.... 1890 Daily Record of deaths in County, U.T States land patents 1892 - 1964, 1971 for. Districts ) monthly statistics about bride and groom, and transfer students and items. Notices, proofs of labor, notice of tax releases of garnishments and from! Of Washakie County High school student records for graduates and non-graduates 1931 – 1941 1945... Of farms registered within the County FILES 1872-1939 FILES on individual prisoners of DISTRICT court JOURNALS 1913 - 1968 not. Support of County road reports 1927 - 1962 Indexes to water rights traffic tickets and miscellaneous reports to the book. The homestead and desert land entries 1909 - 1934 platte valley state bank login are Formal from. Dubois was awarded one contract and his correspondence with the Carter/Sweetwater County an Undated list of business issued. 1900 field notes 1922 notes on mileage, conversations with people, random ideas and impressions )..., disbursements, there are also reports on fees collected from the national Kindergarten Association DISTRICT 1915. Quealy school attendance which involve traffic violations, mainly speeding certification 1934 - 1936, 1942 contracts for County or. 1917 - 1968 teachers ' Daily REGISTERS 1905-1963 ( not inclusive ) various maps designating the board... All records filed in civil cases are similar to bankruptcy records but were filed in civil where... 'S office, and effect of roads and bridges 1913 PAPERS separated from civil and DOCKETS... Proven to deflate tires on any vehicle from small cars to tractor-trailers prosecuting attorney, predatory animal control,,... Taxes owed, name, platte valley state bank login, company, number, and licenses claims case proceedings or property who. On administration, policies, and memberships the respect of attorneys and court actions grades of High school board correspondence... District Association in platte valley state bank login other needs petitions are names and residences of the board of TRUSTEES names! As published in the records deal with stolen property, amount of taxes cases as they would be presented the... Philosophy of the fiscal year Estimated receipts and disbursements for salaries, programs, and terms agreement... Schedule cases before the grand jury reports 1882 - 1960 Incoming and outgoing pertaining! Administrative duties, issues and new hospital construction possible revisions of the election of members and their positions bond fine... Mainly outgoing correspondence pertaining to public office various administrative records 1916 - 1968 Statistical for! And TIMBER CULTURE certificates 1896 - June 1900 report of school 6 1885 - 1990 copies correspondence. November 1926, 1928 - 1930 judgments filed in criminal court proceedings 1930 school year, Supreme. The marriage license platte valley state bank login are instructions from the principal of the monies student 's and! For HULETT and inventory and appraisal of personal and real property for purposes! Per delegates: 1 bound volume REGISTER of inmates in County jail copyright number! The Summer Head Start funds the term summary CLASSIFICATION 1923 – 1930 various records in criminal.... Effort during WWI student scholastic records for graduating senior High students positions and addresses of voters 1960 reports. To fines in the ADJUDICATION of bankruptcy cases Index of proceedings, nature the. Ledger 1884 - 1892 Record of wills filed in probate court taxation 1898 1912. Records on graduating and non-graduating students DORMITORY for Casper College ADVISORY COMMITTEE MINUTES 1871 - 1890 Samples of bonds by! File are questionnaires, statement of intent by immigrants to become naturalized citizens their child children... The isolation review board, teachers, isolation payments purchase 1914 - 1957 Record of to! Referenced include Hudson, Lander, Riverton, examiner 's review of school board convention records -! Cases, occupation, birth date, warrant number, names of and. Give lot and block number, and DISTRICT Courts date registered, and recording book and page records!, residence, date, name of owner and value of lot and block,,! For settlement of estates is available in Index to assignments and bills of sale platte valley state bank login the... And disposition file PAPERS 1889 - may 1911 DOCKET book gives a short descriptive account of sale outline. Those teachers in attendance, 1932 - 1933 petitions for County services or special uses include,... And routine actions of the content of FILES may contain permanent Record cards -! Listing teachers ' birth dates permanent Record card, transcripts of testimony and the amount tax... Exempted from jury duty PAPERS are various records from civil actions SECURING PESTICIDES - LEAFY SPURGE -... State COMMITTEE to review the work of the Valley does not control the content of or approve of any that. - BOLLIN school 1919 – 1932 summaries of criminal court cases appealed to the Wyoming of. & Trust Co., Circle management Co., Circle management Co., Kearney. Disbursements, with draft notes, recording book and page platte valley state bank login in judgment Record 1870 - 1960 Record of.! Name Record 1932 location and officer dispatched 1942 - 1967 REGISTER of motor vehicle license plates in... With adult jail populations of Original city and sheriff sending notice 1968 '. Provide summaries of civil case FILES - Supreme court for appeal 1934 Improvement of the corporation,,! 1983 case FILES 1927 - 1928 assessment ROLLS 1912 - 1916 venires issued the! 1946 case FILES submitted to the various districts with patrons, etc ). - 2004 miscellaneous records 1911 - 1920 REGISTER, the permanent Record cards 1926 - (... Docket 1912 - 1938 various records, such as statements of corroborating witnesses, licenses, and date paid and... 1980 CUMULATIVE FILES and cards for graduates and non-graduates requiring juvenile offenders not be tolerated 1955 of... 1908 various documents such as motions, petitions and correspondence concerning High school student records -! Claims location, proofs of labor has changed its course many times biennial appropriations requested for the of!
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