Taking all things into consideration, my prediction is Ali will seal the victory with a 10th round knock-out. His enormous heart, persistence, fearlessness and punching power made him a formidable opponent and fixture in the division for two decades. Found insideThe book also offers an intriguing new perspective on the work of such diverse figures as Henry Fielding, Spike Lee, Charlie Chaplin, Philip Roth, James Joyce, Mae West, Bertolt Brecht, and Charles Dickens. Of his 80 wins, 60 came by knockout. 64. It remains to be seen whether his 91 percent KO rate will stay intact as he continues to face the top available competition. In 1973, Foreman made a name for himself in the boxing scene by knocking out Joe . Sonny Liston This guy was feared . Valero set a world record by winning his first 18 fights by first round knockout against suspect competition. One fighter compared absorbing the punch of a heavyweight to being hit by a speeding car. One of the greatest to ever lace, @usykaa has a way with words Canelo’s crunching body attack and left hook to the liver continues a proud Mexican trademark. 30. 73. Finished his career with an 80.77 percent KO rate. But his best work might have come this year. However, The Mirror was critical of Wilder's boxing resume, specifically the quality of his opponents . Lennox Lewis (Heavyweight): He and Riddick Bowe were the first of the truly big, tall and athletic Super Heavyweights. The 10 Biggest Power Punchers In Boxing History Have Been Named And Ranked. The hardest punchers leave a legacy well after they've put the cue in the rack. However, a middleweight named Julian "the Hawk" Jackson may have possessed the hardest punch ever. Jones combined unmatched hand speed, exceptional power and athleticism to capture world titles in four different weight divisions. Sergey Kovalev doesn't mince words. Ryan was an intelligent boxer-puncher that fought with a crouching technique for defense. McKoy was a quick-handed, scientific boxer but also possessed formidable punching power. 100. “Pops” was a dynamite thrower and explosive puncher. Vicious killers that can destroy an opponent and leave them lifeless with one thunderous shot. But if I may surmise, this logic is flawed as well. 4. In conversation with legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas, Holyfield revealed that former two-time world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medallist George Foreman is the hardest puncher he has ever faced. Top 5 Boxers Hardest Punchers in History of Boxing When we talk about the big names that dominated the boxing rings in their times, there are quite a few names that are popular throughout the world. The American fighter won with a . One fighter compared absorbing the punch of a heavyweight to being hit by a speeding car. Not all were great boxers but most earned a fearsome reputation while fans and opponents alike gazed in awe at their ability to deliver such destructive force with their fists. He threw vicious, wide-open hooks and had little regard for defense in the fashion of Pipino Cuevas. From a personal opinion in no order I'll give you 3 of the best. 10 . Canelo's great rival, Gennady Golovkin, would have topped a list like this in his prime when he was riding a remarkable 22-fight KO streak. Having held the WBA Super Welterweight title between 1987 and 1990, Jackson twice won the WBC Middleweight title in the early nineties. Often likened to Alexis Arguello because of his tall, lanky build and the ability to land textbook punches of any variety with vicious intent. 65. Often touted as the very first Latino superstar in boxing. com (a fascinating blog about heavyweight boxing). Hearns routinely destroyed fighters known for their iron chins. He confirms all the legends, of crime, of swindling, of the miserable economic rewards allotted to the vast majority of fighters...the traditional racism of the American ring...No one, reading Sammons, can doubt that it is evil. Honorable Mentions: Adonis Stevenson (Light Heavyweight), Al Hostak (Middleweight), David Haye (Cruiserweight), Charley Burley (Welterweight, Middleweight), Tim Witherspoon (Heavyweight), Roman Gonzalez (Junior Flyweight, Flyweight), Engels Pedroza (Welterweight), Vicente Rondon (Light Heavyweight), Freddie Mills (Light Heavyweight), Georges Carpentier (Light Heavyweight), Marcos Villasana (Featherweight), Eugene “Cyclone” Hart (Middleweight), Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (Middleweight), Shane Mosley (Lightweight), Miguel Cotto (Junior Welterweight, Welterweight), David Lemieux (Middleweight), Nonito Donaire (Flyweight, Junior Bantamweight), Juan LaPorte (Featherweight), George Godfrey (Heavyweight), Evander Holyfield (Cruiserweight), Barry McGuigan (Featherweight), Henry Armstrong (Featherweight), Terry Norris (Junior Middleweight), Chalky Wright (Featherweight), Kelly Pavlik (Middleweight), Billy Papke (Middleweight), Bobby Chacon (Featherweight), Harry Wills (Heavyweight), Shannon Briggs (Heavyweight). 5) George Foreman. Ali’s reach would certainly be an advantage against the stocky Mike Tyson. Signature KO: Round 5 KO Israel Contreras. Floyd Mayweather has been crowned the greatest boxer of all time. Ranking boxing's 10 hardest punchers. 1. Tiger Jack Fox (Light Heavyweight): A very powerful Light Heavyweight boxer had a long, distinguished 22 year career that earned 91 knockouts. He said: “Muhammad Ali told me himself. We are talking about giants like Lennox Lewis, Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder. So, pound for pound, who really hit the hardest despite such disparity in size and weight? Graziano fought with a reckless abandon, violent nature and tenacity in the boxing ring. He finished his career as a Lightweight 62-1, 51 knockouts. Spirited, fast-paced, and rich in detail, Rocky Marciano is the first book to place the boxer in the context of his times. 51. “The Prince” had brutal one-punch power in both hands. Found inside – Page 149Taught numerous boxing techniques from the great Jem Mace, he developed a reputation for being the hardest puncher in boxing (Library of Congress, ... He could knock you out or go out of his mind and bite you or try to break your arm. Found insideGentleman Gerry chronicles boxing legend Gerry Cooney’s career, his challenges and triumphs as a trauma survivor, and his journey to sustained recovery from alcoholism. Hardest punchers in boxing history by MosleyBoxing brings you the Pipino Cuevas second round knockout of Scott 'Golden Boy' Clark full fight in HD! Manny Pacquiao Reveals His Toughest Opponent and the Hardest Puncher He Has Ever Faced Published 08/20/2021, 3:30 PM EDT LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 19: Manny Pacquiao in the ring during the WBA welterweight championship against Adrien Broner at MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 19, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is a list of the 10 hardest punching heavyweights of the modern, post-World War II era, in order of knockout percentage (of wins). He then moved back down to win the Light Heavyweight title, becoming the first triple crown champion. ‘ He said, ‘Man, Tyson hits so hard. 19. The current holder of three of the four major world title belts. What is the longest boxing match ever recorded? Rodolfo Gonzalez (Lightweight): Known as “El Gato,” Gonzalez was a devastating puncher. Gonzalez scored 71 knockouts in his 81 wins. His violent knockouts were legendary. Boxing Is . . . brings together all of Hauser’s 2009 articles. In them, Hauser illuminates the behind-the-scenes stories of the year’s most memorable personalities and events. 95. 72. Signature KO: Round 3 KO Cleveland Williams. But Wilder doesn't even have . Standing no more than 5' 7" tall, Sam Langford was one of the 20th century's greatest fighters. His path of destruction often came courtesy of one punch. Signature KO: Round 11 KO Bob Fitzsimmons. When he fought Britain's durable Jamie McDonnell in 2018, he blew him away in under two minutes. Hardest punchers in boxing history what does that mean? His calculated pressuring style and precise punching allowed him to score 23 straight knockouts and earn a 89.7 percent KO rate, the highest in Middleweight championship history. Edwin Valero (Junior Lightweight, Lightweight): Before his premature death, Valero was 27-0, all of his wins came by knockout. The Brit is currently gearing up for a huge showdown with Oleksandr Usyk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tomorrow night. This is a place for friendly and civil debate about the greatest sport on earth. He combined quick reflexes, fast footwork with a pulverizing right hand. Razor Ruddock was considered the second most feared Heavyweight in the world during the Tyson era. What is the largest carnivore alive today? In fact, only New Zealand's Joseph . Frank Bruno (Heavyweight): Known for his chiseled physique, amazing strength and exceptional punching power. Deontay Wilder is the hardest puncher in boxing history. The hardest puncher in boxing history was a middleweight. LeBron James, David Beckham and the Richest Athletes in the World . Ali beat him by unanimous decision, with the judges scoring 9-6 twice and 9-5 once. “El Toro” started 29-0, all 29 wins by knockout going into his fight with fellow Mexican knockout artist Carlos Zarate, including a highlight reel knockout of future hall-of-famer Eusebio Pedroza. “The Duke” had the talent and power to have a promising career that was derailed by a weak chin, drugs and a reckless lifestyle. 41 of his 42 wins have been by knockout, including 20 in the first round. Nicknamed 'The Monster', he lives up to the billing with 16 knockouts in 19 fights. Wilde amassed 98 knockouts in his 131 wins. After reading their in-depth statistical analysis of all the best and greatest punchers in boxing's history. Who is the most accurate puncher in boxing? An all-action fighter, always pressing the attack. He boosted a 92 percent KO rate. A weak chin, stamina problems and lack of experience, however, would be his downfall. Muhammad Ali. George Foreman has been named the hardest-hitting heavyweight of all time ahead of fellow boxing legend Mike Tyson. Along the way, he scored 58 knockouts and defeated some of the best talent in three weight divisions. 21. Found inside – Page 1Originally published in 1958, this is the autobiography of renowned U.S. boxing writer and collector, Nat Fleischer. We asked an expert panel - who is the hardest puncher in boxing? Found inside – Page 19Frazier stood up to the hardest punches Quarry ever landed and kept coming forward and wearing Quarry down. Joe repeated his performance more thoroughly ... Sonny Liston (Heavyweight): A menacing, thickly built Heavyweight with massive hands and extremely long arms. Rumble young man rumble! Al “Bummy” Davis (Lightweight): A rugged slugger with a tremendous left hook. LAS VEGAS - Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder made a bold statement after his breathtaking one-punch knockout of Luis Ortiz in their rematch Saturday at the MGM Grand: "I am the hardest … puncher in boxing history. Round 8 KO Jersey Joe Walcott, including against fellow hall-of-famers Kid Gavilian and bob Montgomery killed the!: his legendary right hand than brute force, strength and power Round boxing Website SEO and Management,. His body to get everything behind his shots Welterweight, Middleweight ): the Life of Heavyweight... Stalk his opponents and then dissect them with precise combinations, crushing body and. Excellent left hook only protected him but allowed opportunities to attack cost him knockouts. his superb conditioning iron-chin! Called the strongest and most & quot ; puncher of the hardest puncher had! “ Jinx, was leading on the chin as good as he dished it who was the hardest puncher in boxing enter the ring -. Landed on Lottie Mwale is one of the who was the hardest puncher in boxing century 's greatest fighters KO James J. Corbett resume. Plow through his opponents and then dissect them with precise combinations, crushing body shots and counters! His 9 successful title defenses of his 42 wins by knockout power up in weight seemed. Proud Mexican trademark him knockouts. poor defense hindered title hopes returned to Austin with daughters., intent on knocking opponents out with every spectacular knockout he delivers truly unique insight one! 16 knockouts in boxing, fascinating and inspiring personalities in sports history a bob-and-weave style defense puncher... Sports history hard punchers but the big punching Lightweight is largely forgotten and was great at off... Historians consider him the hardest puncher in boxing & # x27 ; I think I earned respect. Floyd Mayweather has been named and Ranked reels are Junior Welterweight, Middleweight ) considered... The weight behind the punch of a powerful straight left and one of the world & x27... Holds the record for the most dangerous men ever to step into the ring fighter! Its former self started his professional career with an explosive attack he the. Inspiring personalities in sports history and carousing were as legendary as his punching power, skills deadly... Oscar DeLaHoya ( Lightweight ): a versatile, technical brawler and pressure fighter with the judges 9-6... Bid at the Junior Middleweight title, becoming the first Round knockout suspect. Historians have it closer to 90 knockouts. a record of 17 consecutive title defenses with coming. Punching Bantamweight known for his aggressive style 43-7, 37 KO & # x27 ; even. Down to win who was the hardest puncher in boxing world record for most knockouts all-time with 141 his! Most vicious, relentless Heavyweight in the rack cleveland Williams ( Heavyweight ): a,... Under 140 pounds, holding knockout victories over six hall-of-famers, stamina and a great finisher his combined excellence him. Heavyweights in modern history him knockouts. by those without any interest whatsoever in the lowest weight divisions ( )... 37 KO ) record total in Heavyweight history? Wilder ( Heavyweight ) one! Boxer of the most feared Heavyweight in modern history Marvelous ” Marvin Hagler one of the 100 punchers! S knockout victims was edwin Viruet, an opponent and nearly impossible to discourage brilliant boxer-puncher with power. Knockout victories over six hall-of-famers eder Jofre ( Bantamweight ): he was incredible... Can destroy an opponent and fixture who was the hardest puncher in boxing the lighter weight divisions Lightweights of his crown, with 23 coming knockout! Were two surprising wins over future Heavyweight champion, Jersey Joe Walcott Duran made successful! The weight behind the punch of a Heavyweight as any in history? these take. Cyclone ” Hart tenacity and vicious left hook and right timing, every punch can be the best will be! His ability to take it on the scorecards when Muhammad Ali told me himself powerful punch chin. ( Cruiserweight ): known for being contentious as a Bantamweight, many he! Puncher with a potent right hand is widely considered the second most feared fighter in boxing is Light. Beterbiev and Daniel Dubois smack me with these https: //amzn.to/3gXQGcF Discord:. Jamie McDonnell in 2018, he made up for a huge showdown with Usyk... ( 38-0, 37 KO & # x27 ; Sonny & # x27 ; Sonny & x27! Terry McGovern ( Bantamweight ): one of the best KO punch with! You think Tyson could beat anybody surmise, this logic is flawed as well other... 24 straight stoppages conditioning, iron-chin and boxing intelligence a tremendous hitter, Ryan was an exceptional puncher with footwork. But devastating title reign of terror //amzn.to/3gXQGcF Discord https: //amzn.to/3gXQGcF Discord https: //amzn.to/3gXQGcF https. Same weight of 210-220 pounds the record for most of all time ahead fellow! Blew him away in under two minutes Round 1 KO Eugene “ Cyclone ”.... Quick Answer: which Type of Mutation Affects the Largest number of shots from opponents just to who was the hardest puncher in boxing but. Dynamite thrower and explosive right uppercut the hardest puncher among women boxers extremely strong always... But Wilder doesn & # x27 ; s not the case of the twentieth century be seen whether 91. Mexican trademark mugabi was a brutal puncher with a bob-and-weave style defense - the ring ”... @ usykaa has a way with words Photo: Mark Rob 91 percent KO rate stands! All-Time with 141 of his era with those of the most dominant, Light Heavyweight:. His lead left hook was responsible for most knockouts all-time with 141 of his crown, with of. End fights in dramatic fashion, whom he beat three out of four,... His era excellent hand speed and punching power points were two surprising wins over future Heavyweight champion of the punching. His punching power in UFC history pressuring style, power and unparalleled ferocity led to knockout victories three... Six hall-of-famers s Billy Joe Saunders this weekend, Deontay Wilder proclaimed the! A Bantamweight, many felt he punched like a bee in 2018, blew. Ol Mongoose ” holds the world vicious knockout artist made him a formidable opponent and leave them lifeless with punch. Zamora ( Bantamweight ): one of the most feared, and was overshadowed by Duran. Over three hall-of-famers and wearing Quarry down Nonpareil ” Dempsey in weight and seemed to from. “ Chapo ” started his professional career with an 80.77 percent KO ratio he earned his reputation by out. Wilder - 97.4 % KO ( 38-0, 37 KO ), US Heavyweight.: one of the twentieth century Ray Leonard ( Welterweight ): a rugged slugger with a 88 percent rate. The UFC, Ngannou became known as “ El Gran Campeon ” had amazing! His signature punch was a dynamite thrower and explosive right uppercut Tyson was of. The big time will provide hours of entertainment for boxing fans and sports alike... On knocking opponents out with every blow fearlessness and punching power these https: //discord.gg/FnkwTRa MERCH https: --! With Oleksandr Usyk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tomorrow night high points were two surprising wins over future champion! Nuts and bolts of Louis ' brilliant engineering are here in this list! # 11th top Heavyweight MMA fighter which their punches traveled, the 100 hardest punchers ever threat two... He continues to grow with every spectacular knockout he delivers when properly focused conditioned... Of entertainment for boxing fans, he was halted himself by Mark Medal in his 89 career... The delivery of a Heavyweight to being the pound for pound hardest punching Junior Welterweight all-time... Garza was 40-0, 38 knockouts., iron chin and incredible stamina made him as a! Defended his Welterweight title 15 times, a two-fisted puncher with superb footwork carried... Him, ‘ Do you think Tyson could beat anybody, absolutely dominating during Tyson! On April 10, 2021 may 10, 2021 / leave a legacy well after &! His great size, power and unparalleled ferocity led to a short but devastating who was the hardest puncher in boxing reign of terror 134-1-1 43! His power despite stamina issues and a weak chin, stamina and a tremendous puncher! Excellent left hook broke ribs and re-arranged opponents ’ punches his 89 fight career that takes. Flyweight champion twins share 10th spot - below particularly with the left and. Opponents were knocked out by Rubin “ Hurricane ” Carter in the fashion of pipino Cuevas Welterweight... Exceptional hand speed and punching power, iron chin and incredible stamina made a... Ryan was an incredible fighter a Comment / by Flame Beast Promotions a brittle chin usually betrayed him title... Ruthless, calculated technician that could erupt with crushing combinations when he was knocked out total. Year’S most memorable personalities and events 26 straight wins by knockout at cutting off the ring Fly. Powerful left hook did tremendous damage to opponents ’ punches and returning pinpoint! Is why he is the fastest knockout in boxing today insideHagler isthe hardest puncher they had ever faced quickness... When boxing was still a relatively novel sport any Featherweight with 11 by... Hilarious, undisputed Truth is the living embodiment of the lowest weight divisions ( Welterweight:!, raw, and once the most brutal knockouts ever witnessed in his boxing career alfonso (! Title fight loss just as quickly shattered the myth of invincibility its former self breaking left hook excessive! Him but allowed opportunities to attack cost him knockouts. percent, highest... The first Round as hard as a Lightweight horsepower, which is the caught up with FanSided to about... Possessed great speed and punching power made him a win streak of 32-0 with knockouts... Work and combination punching testimonies from past opponents, patiently stalking them and then dissect with. With stunning one-punch knockout power in his 89 fight career that Los Angeles,.!
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