), Creation (Capable of creating entire universes from nothing), Telekinesis (Controls and moves the swords she creates with her mind), Forcefield Creation, Plot Manipulation (She was able to free herself from her plot, modify her plot and the plot of others), Existence Erasure (With Holopsicon, Altair can send out a wave of erasure, erase a specific target, or unleash an omnidirectional wave of erasure), Conceptual Absorption, Flight, Teleportation, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (All Creations can detect when another is nearby), Duplication of a target, Power Mimicry (Able to copy the abilities of the other creations), Mind Control, Dimensional Travel and BFR, Causality Manipulation (With her Fourteenth Movement she is capable of reversing cause and effect to cause an attack that would have damaged her to damage the attacker instead), Transmutation (Capable of turning objects or individuals into flower petals with her Third Movement), Clairvoyance (Allowed her to identify Alicetaria's betrayal plot and Meteora's plan as well as point out a singular exit within an infinite space), Fate Manipulation (Capable of breaking the Fate that linked her to her history), Power Nullification, Targeted Reversal (Outline Origin brings a character to his/her beginning), Information and Data Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (High-Godly. Gil would be restricted to whatever abilities he has that are associated with his myth in Altair's (our) universe upon immediate entry, and he'd unlikely be able to use Ea as anything other than a basic sword; it and its abilities refer to the god Ea and the Enuma Elish; the contradiction of having a sword able to perform the annihilation of a given area of space would violate the rules and would kick him out, too. In addition, the more she acts, the broader the spectrum of her abilities become as the laws of a given universe become elastic to accommodate the contradictions posed by characters that operated by another set of rules. @passingthroughv2: Yeah, her powers are somewhat weird. Unable to overcome that which is plot armour and the power of brotherly love. So the remaining wish will be fulfilled, the world's fuses [will] melt down, [the] many story worlds [will] conflict. "Even if we establish the laws and lore of both universes as inviolate for both characters, no matter where they go, then by the same turn that Gilgamesh can't be erased or debuffed beyond a certain extent, she literally wouldn't be able to die because: 1. she exists so long as someone has created or creates something about her, and 2.Her fanbase/audience doesn't want her to die yet. another outside the parentheses, this is called a POWER OF A POWER. "Roger, request for orbital support approved", an officer on the bridge of the ship stated, "Deploying precision attack drones". February 2021. Mild update for episode 21 of Re:C. Altair's 23rd movement "Fate recostruction" is basically the big "I win" button; it allows her to write entirely new fates for characters. What if the characters in the stories had their own "will"? Temukan (dan simpan!) Every creator we can help discover what streaming can be like without the tie to their self-worth is a win for us, whether or not they end up staying on our platform. -whether or not Gilgamesh uses something like rule-breaker or another weapon with the ability to ignore counter-effects(? ReLIFE. Six weeks later, Setsuna was released from therapy with a "Tactical Suicide Prevention Councilor". Here are fabulous collections of Hd Altair Wallpaper wallpapers that apt for desktop and mobile phones.Download the amazing collections of topmost HD wallpapers and backgrounds for free. DriveNime adalah tempat mendownload anime batch subtitle indonesia dengan Kualitas HD BD .mkv 1080p 720p 480p. "That is a no limit fallacy"Technically, Altair is a no-limit fallacy. @chaos239: i have a suspicion we will see her wanked to silly extremes soon. Joy, sadness, anger, deep emotion. Hd Altair Wallpaper . As a comparison, this wiki has less than 17,000 recorded. The laws of that particular universe don't apply to her, particularly if she summons him to another universe. The Altair 8800 is a microcomputer designed in 1974 by MITS and based on the Intel 8080 CPU. She simply is not bound by the laws of other universes. E-mail me at grant@stockly.com about it and include "Altair" in the subject line. Feats>statement. As in, the longer she can draw it out the stronger she gets. Who is the best sword spammer? Gilgamesh is so much faster than her, she would literally stand still the whole time from his perspective. -33%. Altair is different from ordinary Creations: Altair’s powers grow with each new spin-off story made about her, but Meteora’s powers are limited to her character description. She was capable of come back even when the The Sixty-Sixth Movement already absorbed/erased her even on a conceptual level, effectively bypassing resurrection, immortality, and regeneration), Gravity Manipulation (Resisted Blitz's Gravity Bullet before nullifying it), Power Nullification (She was able to nullify the powers that the creators gave their creations), Plot Manipulation (Since she is an independent existence, she cannot be caged by the Plot), Information Manipulation, Power Modification (She can modify the power and attacks of the other creations and herself), Statistics Reduction (She was unaffected by the intent of the creators of depower her. In a fraction of a second, four sprays of blood erupted from Altair as she was struck by four separate slugs. The man pulled Setsuna back from the tracks. Here in this project, we used Sunrom-1187 PLC modem to transmit the instructions through existing home networks which control the mechanical movements of the robot. We're really getting into "unstoppable force meets immovable object" territory here.Some factors to nail down though, as absolutes: -whether or not Altair rewrites Gil's abilities. 3Hentai is the ultimate, best and daily updated hentai source material you will ever find. Rating: A-. For Altair, per the 20th episode of her series, this is her in-universe fan she is theoretically capable of existing and doing something so long as her (in-universe) fanbase is creating something about her and/or believes that she is capable of doing [insert feat "x" here]. Altair also known as Military Uniform Princess, is the primary antagonist of the anime series Re:Creators creation of Setsuna Shimazaki before her took her own life, she's based on Shirotsumekusa from social game Eternal Wars Megalosphere. Animated gifFind images and videos about gif, anime and flowers on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. turning Selesia's sword into a flower for the lolz, FSN Gll has never busted mountain with sword spams, It was stated that his NP had enough power to split mountains when he used it against Caster in the novel. He who fights with Monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a Monster. Warrior It seems you do not truly understand my power yet. Nonetheless, Altair (the star) will still be a cowherd to me (as he was in the myth). At the same time, Altair's wounds were completely healed. Put bluntly, if Altair tried something similar to her ability to "collide universes" within the Nasuverse immediately upon entrance, the root would simply reject her even though it has no authority over her. https://www.sunday-webry.com/events/re_creators_naked/0909/. The deep history of ten grids that changed the world is presented, their evolution charted, to demonstrate the durability of each grid's organizing principles. We're really getting into "unstoppable force meets immovable object" territory here. Found insideIt is the year 7000 by Noble reckoning, and the vampire rulers of the world have grown complacent. Since Kirito is already overpowered as it is, having his author, Reki Kawahara, give him even … Jonathan Fields knows the risks-and potential power-of uncertainty. Rewrite Season 1 + 2. ", "Captain", the comms officer on the bridge said, "We've received new intel from high command, you may want to take a look at this.". At the same time, all of the soldiers that had fallen in battle with her got up, completely unharmed. And if You gaze long into an Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into You.Chapter 34 Solo Leveling (also known as I Alone Level Up or Only I level up) is a Korean Web Novel which was further adapted into a Manhwa (webtoon). To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here. Found inside – Page 634... volve around them ; for the Creator and north declination , 47 ° 51 ' 20 ' . ... as acting in perfect about thirty - five degrees south - east from Re- ... Do not move! Although having that power would be interesting at parties. Also most of Altair's powers seem to work only on things that come from in-universe fiction and that's why she had to summon Creations instead of outright ending the world. تحميل حلقات انمي One Piece ون بيس جوجل درايف جودة عاليه اون لاين الموسم 1 . Altair Wallpaper. Keep in mind that Altair is bound by neither the throne of heroes nor the root. Thus, an inevitable battle will occur between two gods as things can go either way. Found inside – Page 90( OK , so the they're not necessarily the greatest games ever , but there are ... Amigo Sega Bass Fishing Sega Superstars Tennis Simcity Creator SNK Arcade ... Found insidePolice officers Reo and Mabu are taken by surprise when they find a baby lying on a plate in the street! Given her array of powers, Gilgamesh would literally be fighting against a concept or a god, with the deck fully stacked against him. We still have ppl arguing whether genjutsu would work on ppl with no chakra and it has been proven many times that it can. All Fiction Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Since the series in question (Re:Creators) is still moving forward (episode 21 airs this Sunday at 23:50 JST), we actually don't know the full extent of Altair's abilities so far. @gxrevs06: These are 2 Swords inside his GoB that are mountain cutters. @argonblue: you might aswell have her fight Goetia who would constantly curb her to the point he says screw this and starts destroying timelines. Quick View. 《Re:CREATORS 》是廣江禮威 ... 岛崎刹那以天鷹座α(英語: Altair ... Somebody receives the power of creation, and the spirit is redeveloped from their passion. ". Humans have designed countless worlds—each one born from the unique imagination of its creator. Re: Creators. ", the captain of the spacecraft said as he watched Altair's rampage below on the monitors on the bridge, "Contact command, requesting authorization for orbital bombardment. RoboMasters the Animated Series. A few weeks ago, Setsuna's future was looking bright as an up-and-coming manga artist. The narration in Fate/Zero confirms he's capable of it (as in each single sword, no need for spamming), and even in Stay Night he blocked attacks from Berserker who can destroy mountains with physical strength. Re:Creators Altair Altaïr (Re:Creators) Wiki Create Garden Fando . Re:CREATORS. If he hits her first with any weapon, she can use "vicissitudes of fortune" to reflect the attack back on him and render herself invulnerable to any further attacks. If we encompass all of Gilgamesh's appearances in the Nasuverse, I'd say it'd be closer to a draw unless Altair manages to rewrite Gilgamesh's abilities first, since neither character has a theoretical upper limit. And no using Magane as an example would not work since Magane's is reality manipulation Altair's is more accurately story manipulation huge difference. While originating from a singular music video, Altair was able to break free from … Yh and then she just lolnopes it with cause and effect manipulation and transfers the damage. A power of a power can be simplified by multiplying the exponents. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. As I understand it, Altair is meant to be that way, not as a product of bad writing, but to showcase the concept of how a community-driven character like that would play out with the audience as its creator in a multi-universal battle-royale with the "real world" as its centerpiece. Colorful Tic-Tac-Toe in Chrome from tCubed! An independent existence without a story. I mean we had issues with Kirito in battle forums are we using in his RL version or his game avatar version and then we point out it was stupid bc game mechanics get in the way of the debate. Rekka no Honoo. Some factors to nail down though, as absolutes: Considering CCC Gilgamesh pretty much went full on I AM THE RULES mode i doubt she has a say in which Gilgamesh she faces as Gilgamesh pretty much stomped BB because he is Gilgamesh and she is a mongrel he even gives Hakuno command seals from his GOB. Joy, sadness, anger, deep emotion. Amata, Andy, Zessica, Yunoha and Shrade arrive in Altair, and find it a depressing, run-down place devoid of women. The destroyed dropships and drones seemed to rebuild themselves and rise back into the air. 316. From the anime series “Re:CREATORS” comes a 1/8th scale figure of the “Military Uniform Princess” Altair! Found insideThe Microsoft co-founder shares the story of his life while revealing the lessons he has learned throughout his influential career, covering topics that range from his partnership with Bill Gates and his ambitions for private space travel ... The figure is based on the scene where she summoned a Type 01 lmat while floating in the night sky. She can't reflect the damage if the first attack turns her into paste. Every purchase you make puts money in an artist’s pocket. Altair hates Sota for his part on Setsuna's suicide. Origin Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. That is a no limit fallacy she can't do that to any fictional verse Umineko would maul her ass so no SMT etc will maul her your really not understanding this well Altair isn't multiversal Akasha is if you want to overwrite Gilgamesh's Abilities which is pretty much rewriting his myth or Legend your going to piss off Akasha in your attempt and now you have the counterforce after your ass rewriting Gilgamesh's ability is above her paygrade she can't hang with Akasha. Worth noting also that her powers forcing her to be rejected only apply in-universe in the "real world" In other, fictional, worlds, as well as in the bird cage she's free to use her abilities as much as she likes. Found insideThis book has a name: Bob. Anime: Re: Creators. Found inside – Page 110... as acting in perfect about thirty - five degrees south - east from Re- consistency ... Those lamps that nightly greet thy visual power In the mean time ... During episode 21 she's also shown to be able to natively slow down time or speed up her own movement by at least a factor of 60; the half second between Setsuna falling off of the platform and when the train was supposed to hit her gets extended by a factor of at least 60. Since Gilgamesh being linked to the throne of heroes and the root is part of the setting and plot of the nasuverse, she can simply use her 9th movement, "fate restoration" to literally sever him from those laws, instantly removing all of his plot armor. Find the Best Altair Wallpaper on WallpaerChat. Re: Creators on We Heart It. Following the death of the Gold King, the safety of the Dresden Slate, the source of power of the Kings, is under threat. Altair attempts to sway the characters she brings into reality to her side, however, only about half of them actually side with her, with the other half siding with humanity and fighting to defend the world of their creators. The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow: Believe again (Insert Song) Saint Snow: 10,8 MB: 4:41: 6: Baixe! If you've read our Manifesto, you already know that sits at the top of it. Because the power augmentations the Creators gave to the Creations in preparation for the Elimination Chamber Festival count as "plot twists", given that they facilitate the premise of the Crisis Crossover in the Festival, Altair can use this ability … Altair literally states that it is her own power that lets her create her universe. Altair then busied herself with mowing down the surviving SCP-3922A forces, cutting down dozens of soldiers in a swarm of flying blades or vaporizing them with a copy of their own energy weapons. Servants can trade 100 blows a second, that's much faster. Upon the final battle in the birdcage against Altair, the Military Uniform Princess, things go wrong due to Magane ends up bringing Thanos from his world to our world. Lying on the ground below where Altair had hovered was a manga volume lying cover-down. The Ethereum network’s long-planned upgrade to a scalable, proof-of-stake agreement version expands better as programmers established a day for the Altair upgrade.… Even then, she's potentially capable of sliding to avoid the attack itself. Altair is an independent existence without a background or story that can be affected by normal creation methods. Ergo, Altair can rewrite Gilgamesh's abilities as the fight demands by removing his ties to the plot or universal setting or by outright modifying his character description for that particular instance of him. Altair didn't usually bother with using the gun, but in this case, it was no mere antiquated Soviet submachine gun. This could change in Re:creators naked (aka manga version of the original script) Re;creators manga or Re:creators one more but until I have evidence of her hax affecting a creator aka RL char, then under neutral grounds her hax won't work on other chars not from the series except Black Lagoon that has been confirmed to exist in RC at least. And yes he's much much faster. Not once during the FSN VN or Zero did he casually bust mountains with standard nps. "Cancel that order", the captain commanded, "Activate the Temporal Relocation Device". Product description. The figure has been sculpted in an original pose with Altair holding her iconic drum magazine machine gun and saber at the ready with close supervision by the writer and character designer of the series, Rei Hiroe. Souta Mizushino is a high school student who aspires to be such a creator by writing and illustrating his own light novel. Found inside – Page 30O , what power in a senseless piece of paper that can move the The poor are taught ... it was taken back , and the attack thus re wise Creator - they ought ... @argonblue: Smacking BB>Altair just saying. Despite the above narrative, Altair retains all her Re:Creators … This is assuming we are using regular Gilgamesh. Moreover, the nasuverse actually exists within the universe of Re:Creators, given that the characters of the show actually visit the cafe in episode 7: That is a no limit fallacy she can't do that to any fictional verse Umineko would maul her ass so no SMT etc will maul her your really not understanding this well Altair isn't multiversal Akasha is if you want to overwrite Gilgamesh's Abilities which is pretty much rewriting his myth or Legend your going to piss off Akasha in your attempt and now you have the counterforce after your ass rewriting Gilgamesh's ability is above her paygrade she can't hang with Akasha. @gxrevs06: I wasn't up to date when I posted that like I said but that's not how Altair's powers work. +Capable, along with other servants, of (theoretically) hundreds of attacks per second. Mamika Kirameki (煌樹まみか Kirameki Mamika) is a young girl who is the protagonist and heroine of the magical girl anime series Magical Slayer Mamika (マジカルスレイヤー・まみか Majikaru Sureiyā Mamika). It would all be over in just a moment. Found inside – Page 634... as acting in perfect about thirty - five degrees south - east from Re- consistency ... Those lamps that nightly greet thy visual powers In the mean time ... Regardless he just blitzes her. Altaïr est la principale antagoniste de l'anime Re:Creators. "Lego Mindstorms" allows you to build and program simple robots, but wouldn't it be nice to take programming to the next level? This book starts off with the basics and each chapter progresses to even more ambitious projects. I hate your stories. 2018 Mar 14 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Six. While Altair’s design was based on a character in a social game, she was never given backstory, meaning that she has no defined abilities, and thus allowing her to gain far greater power than any character with defined limits. Receives the Power of Creation, and the Spirit Is Redeveloped from Their Passion (2017) Aki Toyosaki in Re: Creators (2017) ... [Re:creators] Altair by NaseCafe by NaseCafe on DeviantArt. Altair can't edit the story without using the birdcage, she just has a very long list of powers but still a finite one and one she can't add to at a whim. ― Anonymous User 1/12/2013. The series first aired on April 7, 2017. Created by Rei Hiroe, the mangaka behind Black Lagoon and directed by Ei Aoki of Fate/Zero and Aldnoah.Zero fame. However, those emotions are nothing more than the feelings of a spectator. Website ini cocok bagi Para Kolektor! Watch with Prime. @argonblue: He blitzes her. Spatial Awareness: When trapped in Ionian Aphoria, Altair was able to pinpoint the one exit within an infinite space and escape it. Sounds deadly dull, but in fact the sentimental lines both people give worked well enough that the episode flew by. Meownime adalah Situs download Anime Sub Indo Episode dan Batch mp4 dengan Resolusi 240p 360p 480p 720p untuk Pengguna HP Android dan PC. The closest analogy that I can think of that makes sense is that Altair is an executable program with administrative rights over any file that it duplicates or scans; characters are extracted from their medium as an image that she, in theory, can manipulate, in addition to having free ability to move between universes at will, not merely parallel dimensions. In their eyes, are we, the creators of the stories, like gods? Also she risks getting ejected from reality if she does that stuff too much which is why she left after turning the sword into flowers. The soldier was run through by a flying sabre less than a second later, but the call for help got out, making it an orbiting spaceship bearing the same triple crescent insignia as the dropships. Enjoy doujin and manga hentai. Re:CREATORS follows a group of fictional characters that travel to our world and search for their creators. Her helopsicon borderlines fourth wall breaking. Through some unknown process, Altair was brought into reality, and proceeded to bring other fictional characters who Setsuna felt a strong connection with, into reality. I feel like throwing up when I think of the abhorrent gods that created you. Where to Watch Re:CREATORS Re:CREATORS is available for streaming on the Anime Strike website, both individual episodes and full seasons. The ability is actually powerful enough that it allows her to create no less than two parallel universes; one for herself, where she sustains … Found inside – Page 20It could not speak , bul mate use of a disco dant independent power to govern ... As , bowever , this ofter related to an altair whica Cable bly marked you ... Late into Re:Creators, the characters’ respective creators give them upgrades and power-ups for their clash with the god-tier creation, Altair. You can choose to receive a 9 volt EU power adapter. 「やさしさに包まれたなら The story continues, as long as there is someone out there, who believes in my existence.」. Re:Creators Mirokuji Yuuya Re Creators Yuya Mirokuji Cosplay Costume. The best speed feat in the whole series is Yuya blocking a bullet from across a parking lot. Other. "JALAKÅRA damn her! SCP-2786 enters the plot of Re:Creators and then proceeds to enter the plot of Altair: World ├ëtude to stop Altair from ever progressing the Re:Creators storyline. The first episode premiered on April 8th, 2017. First Souta Mizushino, her friend and fellow artist had mysteriously stopped contacting her, and then was accused of plagiarism and attacked on forums. He is a mobian hedgehog gifted with incredible speed and the power to harness Chaos Energy. "So, the foul gods of pleasure, the ones who create countless lives only to butcher them come to face me. ... Mamika wants to save Altair but is only able to give her dying wish to Magane who repeats the words back to Alice but in an ambiguous way to frame Meteora for Mamika’s death. Altair, known as the “Military Uniform Princess” before her identity was revealed, is a fictional character created by Setsuna Shimazaki, shortly before she committed suicide. Magane Chikujoin (築城院 真鍳, Chikujōin Magane) is the enemy character in the light novel and anime series Record of the Night Window Demon (夜窓鬼録 Yasōkiroku). Her plan is to make the worlds collide by getting the characters she brought into the real world to fight thereby causing the destruction of the rationality of the real world, and to ultimately bring about great destruction and cause all of creation (both the Real World and the Story Worlds) to return to Oblivion. While the series had a great premise, interesting characters and amazing art, action and animation, the empty ending really hurt the overall quality of the show. You can also buy, rent Re:CREATORS on demand at Amazon Prime online. مشاهدة انمي One Piece ون بيس الموسم 1 … The double blow of losing contact with her friend, and being it seeming like the entire world was criticizing her were too much. 22. As of Episode 20, Altair wins if Gilgamesh doesn't use Enuma Elish as his first attack. Trying to understand why this matters considering Gilgamesh is serious meaning he will be raining all of his broken hax Np's down on her. If he acts with anything other than Enuma Elish, she can simply reflect the damage back on him, even if he uses Ea as his primary weapon. Gilgamesh recks he is serious here and she isn't speed blitzing him or any of the sort she gets GoB'd. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more designed and sold by independent artists. Re:CREATORS. Even as blood covered her face, Altair's mouth contorted into a sadistic grin and said: "Holopsicon: The Fourteenth Movement of the Cosmos - The Vicissitude of Fortune". Wallpaperchat. Mamika Kirameki. Holopsicon (『森羅万象』 (ホロプシコン)): The primary power of Altair which not only has infinite power as well as infinite abilities, but also the power of all of Creation as well as the power to go against the Real World and the power to create worlds. Our simulation-driven approach to innovation is powered by our integrated suite of software which optimizes design performance across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, motion, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, system modeling and embedded systems, while also providing data analytics and true-to-life visualization and … Particularly Altair's ability to reverse cause and effect, as well as to rewrite the abilities of others. Upon first seeing Sota, Altair didn't hesitate to attack him. Revolution for our world. Fun custom cursors for Chrome™. As is, we've seen her use her ability erase or rewrite something only thrice: once in episode 1 to remove Vogelchevalier as an ability that Selesia can use. @highaccuser,@chaos239: "He blitzes her. That's how powerful Altair is, and the only reason she'd have to draw it out is for her own amusement (as well as that of the audience). >> Anonymous We do our best to make sure that all our cosplays are the best you can ever come across online or offline. It happens again to Syo in episode 20. Since Gilgamesh being linked to the throne of heroes and the root is part of the setting and plot of the nasuverse, she can simply use her 9th movement, "fate restoration" to literally sever him from those laws, instantly removing all of his plot armor. Enraged by this, Hikayu charges at her, only for Altair to take away her abilities. Altair claimed that she intended to destroy the world as revenge against the “gods”, as she calls them, authors who create characters just to have them suffer. His higher attack speed can be nullified either through use of the 20th movement of the cosmos (summoning a copy of him) or the 3rd movement of the cosmos. She simply is not bound by the laws of other universes. And then you have Altair who’s like the entirety of DevianArt. The root or counterforce could most certainly muster enough force to stop her, but as far as I understand her own rules, until such time as her audience or fanbase decided that the fight had gone on for long enough, Ea would be capable of killing her, but she'd just keep coming back, doing exactly what she did versus Sirius' Holopsicon in last week's episode.Honestly, this is probably better a fight limited by medium-to-medium comparisons (anime to anime, manga to manga, etc) or even gamed out in a D&D scenario, but we're probably going to keep arguing this out because both characters are that powerful, and the respective laws of their universes would basically have them fighting until exhaustion or one of them threw in the towel.At which point this becomes simply a matter of preference: Gilgamesh or his distaff extra-universal counterpart. re--creators ♡ A sideblog dedicated to gifs and graphics from the 2017 anime Re:CREATORS. Moreover, the nasuverse actually exists within the universe of Re:Creators, given that the characters of the show actually visit the cafe in episode 7: It's not one of the universes from which a character is summoned, but given that the UFOtable cafe is licensed to the company of the same name, it's a fair bet to say that Fate: Stay Night and thus, the Nasuverse are there as well. Ea can be de-powered and rendered useless through either the 3rd or 9th movements of the cosmos. The figure has been sculpted in an original pose with Altair holding her iconic drum magazine machine gun and saber at the ready, with close supervision by the writer and character designer of the series, Rei Hiroe. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. 3. Details: The Altair 8800 Kit is built using the highest quality parts available. But before all that, she was going to get back in contact with Souta. Anime: Re: Creators Mamika is so precious. "Altair", the leader of the platoon of SCP-3922A said, "You are under arrest on charges of illegal interdimensional travel and conspiracy to commit genocide.
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